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        AQUA MATRIX is a seafood company based in Long Xuyen City, An Giang province, Vietnam. We partner with worldwide importers supplying them with the seafood they need from Vietnam.

       You want to provide customers with quality frozen seafood from Vietnam. We are here to help. Whether your customers are in foodservice, wholesale, retail or re-processing, our team will be listening to your specific need and discussing a tailor-made solution with you.

   With the ability to supply diverse seafood products in large quantities and quality assurance, We also support our customers with a wide range of products as well as mixed-containers as our preferred contracts. Our products are:

  • Frozen pangasius
  • Frozen Mekong river fishes (Red Tilapia, Black Tilapia, Catfish, Eel, Frog, Snakehead, Anchovy, Barramundi, Anabas,…)
  • Frozen shrimp (Vannamei, Black Tiger,…)
  • Frozen Wild Caught Seafoods (Black Pomfret, YellowStripe Scad, Baby Octopus, Baby Cuttle Fish, Logigo Squid,…)
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